Canada Government Jobs Lifeguard in Forillon National Park of Canada

Canada Government Jobs Lifeguard in Forillon National Park of Canada : We are hiring in Forillon National Park of Canada (Québec), Gaspé (Québec) as a Lifeguard. If you are intrested to apply thi canada government job vacancy this articles may help you to hiring in Canada. Please, Read our full articles and description then submit your Resume.

About Lifeguard 

Along with their main tasks, lifeguards might likewise be accountable for preserving devices as well as centers, performing security assessments, as well as giving customer care to clients. They should have the ability to operate in a busy, high-pressure setting and also make fast choices in emergency situation scenarios. Exceptional interaction, analytic, as well as team effort abilities are likewise important for success as a lifeguard.

To come to be a lifeguard, people have to commonly undertake comprehensive training, consisting of swimming as well as physical conditioning examinations, in addition to training courses in emergency treatment, CPR, and also water security. Lifeguards might likewise be needed to restore their accreditation regularly and also take part in recurring training as well as specialist growth programs.

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A lifeguard is a specific in charge of making certain the safety and security of individuals around bodies of water. This might consist of coastlines, pool, theme park, or various other marine atmospheres. The key duty of a lifeguard is to avoid sinking as well as various other water-related crashes by keeping track of swimmers, determining possible dangers, and also offering aid or treatment when essential.

Lifeguards are educated to observe and also recognize swimmers in distress, react swiftly to emergency situation circumstances, and also execute lifesaving strategies such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or emergency treatment if essential. They should likewise keep a organized and also risk-free atmosphere, apply laws and also regulations, and also interact successfully with swimmers, colleagues, as well as various other team member.

Canada Government Jobs Lifeguard Details

Employee  Hire Company Forillon National Park of Canada
Closing date: 2/25/2023
Language French Assential
Job Location Forillon National Park of Canada (Québec), Gaspé (Québec)
Salary $27.22 to $29.57 per hour (salary under review)

Lifeguard Workplace

Parks Canada is a federal government firm in charge of the defense and also discussion of Canada’s impressive all-natural and also social sources with a system of national forests, nationwide aquatic sanctuary, as well as nationwide historical websites in all areas of Canada.

Found on the suggestion of the Gaspé Peninsula, Forillon Park is a hilly location that surrounds on the Gulf of St. Lawrence and also the Bay of Gaspé. The park’s high cliffs welcome thousands of sea birds and also its coasts harbour nests of seals. The Forillon Peninsula has actually been populated for thousands of years and also Forillon Park births witness to the lives of the females and also males that lived there, consisting of Micmacs, anglers, cod sellers, whale seekers and also lighthouse caretakers.

Lifeguard Duties 
Gives lifeguard solutions and also relevant function, details, cashier as well as janitorial solutions to visitors in swimming pools, to add to site visitor usage as well as satisfaction in a risk-free, safe setting


  • Experience in overseeing team.
  • Experience managing the general public, either to get, or guide them.


– Knowledge of the procedure of a swimming pool (conformity with laws and also requirements.
upkeep of a tidy as well as well balanced water to safeguard consumers).


– Supervise as well as instructor team – Ensure continuous training via private training or group training and also deal with controversial circumstances.


  • High institution diploma.
  • Valid certification of the lifesaving culture, certification of nationwide lifeguards (swimming pool).
  • Valid nationwide lifeguard certification programs in emergency treatment with degree C CPR or even more *.

Lifeguard Experience

– At the very least 1-year experience as a lifeguard.


  • Client oriented– Provide outstanding solutions inside as well as on the surface;.
  • Interactive Communication– Listening to others and also connecting articulately, cultivating open interaction;.
  • Target possibly unsafe or hazardous scenarios – Identify as well as take proper steps to protect its protection
  • which of others; take emergency situation as well as emergency treatment actions.

Exercises audio judgement

  • Assume its obligations.
  • Building partnerships.

Various other details

The General Public Service of Canada is devoted to developing a varied and also knowledgeable labor force that mirrors the Canadians we offer. When you use, we advertise work equity as well as motivate you to show if you belong to one of the marked teams.

  • Willingness to function uneven hrs, overtime, weekend breaks and/or provincial/territorial vacations and also legal vacations, when called for.
  • Be revealed to variable weather;.
  • Make modest exertion to stand as well as rest for long term durations;.
  • Occasionally show jobs to others;.
  • Consent to do different jobs (function, upkeep of the swimming pool and also area).
  • Consent to carry out jobs with affordable physical demands, as an example: lift, press and also draw hefty things and also collaborate with chemical cleansing items.


  • Maintain and also get Reliability Status safety and security clearance;.
  • Must grant put on main apparel as well as lifeguard safety tools;.
  • Possession of a legitimate Driver’s permit;.
  • Possession as well as upkeep of specialist certifications.


Usually, candidates will certainly not be gotten for feasible or insufficient missing out on info.

  • Applicants can validate the standing of their applications, any time.
  • Applicants can develop an account and also a return to that can be made use of when looking for various other procedures without needing to recreate a brand-new application each time.
  • Applicants can be informed online of meetings or examinations and also outcomes.
  • Applicants can customize their application/resume any time BEFORE the closing day showed at work ad.
  • For some tasks, candidates will certainly discover crucial details, specifically the task set of questions and also a total declaration of advantage standards that are just offered when using internet.

When you use, you need to likewise send the needed papers (diplomas, referrals, and so on) by e-mail to the adhering to address: In the topic of your e-mail suggest the referral number and also task title.

To send an application internet, please pick the switch “Apply Online” listed below.

According to paragraph 8( 2 )(a) of the Privacy Act, info or product, whether offered straight by the prospect or otherwise gotten by the choice board, made use of throughout the choice procedure for the function of evaluating a prospect might be made use of as component of the option evaluation and also option procedures. Such appropriate details might be offered to 3rd parties, such as various other prospects or their reps, that have a reputable factor to be knowledgeable about that info.

Candidates that relate to this option procedure have to consist of in their application a legitimate e-mail address and also see to it this address is useful in any way times as well as approves messages from unidentified individuals.

All work applications have to for that reason be sent via the general public Service Resourcing System. Adhering to are a few of the advantages connected with using online.

In the application, you have to offer your educational program vitae. Listed below each experience certification for which you have actually shown Yes, you should give concrete as well as clear EXAMPLES and also DETAILS of just how you fulfill them. Absence of DETAILS and also instances might result in your application being denied as the Assessment Board will certainly have not enough info to figure out whether or not you fulfill the credentials.

In the application, you have to supply your educational program vitae. Listed below each experience certification for which you have actually suggested Yes, you should give concrete as well as clear EXAMPLES and also DETAILS of exactly how you satisfy them.
explain the instances in details terms, offering enough information to ensure that the Assessment Board can plainly comprehend the situations. Explain the situation/task, the activity you took, what you
achieved and/or what you discovered. DO NOT SIMPLY INDICATE IN YOUR RESPONSE “PLEASE REFER TO CV/R ÉSUMÉ”. Absence of DETAILS as well as instances might cause your application being declined as the Assessment Board will certainly have inadequate info to identify whether you fulfill the certifications.

The Parks Canada Agency is developed as a different company in the Federal Public Service under the Financial Administration Act. Individuals selected to the Agency remain to become part of the general public Service. The Parks Canada Agency runs under its very own personnels structure beyond the general public Service Employment Act as well as according to worths of regard, proficiency and also justness, and also its operating concepts.

The Public Service of Canada is devoted to establishing comprehensive, barrier-free choice as well as consultation procedures as well as job atmospheres. If called in relationship to this procedure, please encourage the Parks Canada agent in a prompt style of the holiday accommodation steps which should be taken to allow you to be analyzed in a fair as well as reasonable way.

We will just approve online applications obtained through the website.

The General Public Service of Canada is devoted to establishing comprehensive, barrier-free option as well as consultation procedures and also workplace. If called in regard to this procedure, please recommend the Parks Canada agent in a prompt style of the holiday accommodation actions which have to be required to allow you to be analyzed in a fair as well as reasonable fashion. Info obtained connecting to holiday accommodation procedures will certainly be resolved in complete confidence.

Who can Apply this Job?

  • You are a Canadian person, an irreversible or a momentary local of Canada.
  • You have a legitimate Canadian job authorization.
  • Do not use if you are not licensed to function in Canada. The company will certainly not react to your application.

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