Scholarships in Lithuania | For International Students

Scholarships in Lithuania | For International Students: International students have begun enrolling in Lithuanian universities for the academic year 2023–2024, which is fully supported. The opportunity to apply to earn a scholarship sponsored by the Lithuanian government is right now.

Are you considering attending school in a beautiful, serene location with a sea view in the Baltic region of Europe? Why not travel to the Republic of Lithuania instead? It is a highly developed nation with an advanced economy that earns high incomes, is ranked highly in the Human Development Index, and offers many advantages in terms of educational opportunities. You may be sure that you will have a good career if you attend a university in Lithuania.

You get a bonus because the majority of Lithuanian universities recognize IELTS alternative tests as well for financial aid.

Scholarship Funding Grants for Lithuanian

The following mentioned academic funding package is available to Lithuanian scholarship recipients, enabling them to attend school there at a reduced cost or for no cost at all:

  • Free education in Lithuania
  • Students receive a monthly stipend.
  • Lithuanian residence’s health insurance program, money for travel, and books
  • Lithuanian Study Visa for Free

Why You Should Take Into Account Studying in Lithuania

You should complete your higher education in Lithuania for a variety of reasons. It is not only a fantastic and stunning location for vacations, but it also draws foreign students for further education.

Internationally Recognized Higher Education System: In the most recent US News & World Report rankings for higher education, Lithuania is ranked 59th. 24 colleges and 22 universities in Lithuania provide academic degrees and credentials that are recognized around the world.

Affordable Education: Compared to institutions in the US and UK, Lithuania’s higher education system is considerably less expensive. Also encouraged to apply for Lithuanian scholarships are students from abroad.

Living Standards: Compared to 54% of the world’s countries, Lithuania has extremely low living costs. According to a Cost of Living Reports survey, not only is housing affordable, but also transportation, utilities, entertainment, and sports.

Lithuania is an excellent gateway to the rest of Europe because it is situated in center Europe and is thus easily accessible. The majority of popular European travel spots are only two to three hours distant by plane. Consequently, you can simply go on vacation throughout the semester breaks.

A welcoming and tranquil atmosphere: The people of this nation are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality. The majority of Lithuanians speak two languages. You won’t ever feel homesick around Lithuanians since they will make you feel just at home.

High quality of life: According to the Green City Index, Lithuania is ranked first in Central and Eastern Europe and is renowned for having a top-notch health infrastructure. Lithuania is a beautiful country with lots of natural beauty. When you’re tired of working hard in class, the country’s pine forests and crystal, quiet lakes might be a welcome respite.

Scholarships in Lithuania | For International Students

Extraordinary Culture: Modern culture and legacy are abundant in Lithuania. Studying in a beautiful country like Lithuania, where you may travel, is more than just an experience. German Gothic, Italian Baroque, and French Classicist buildings are all over the place and will undoubtedly give you chills at every glance.

Lithuania offers simple visa requirements, which are especially favorable to students. International students are always welcome there, and unlike in other nations, they are permitted to work 20 hours per week as long as they are enrolled.

IELTS and TOEFL are not needed:

English is the predominant language of discourse in most universities in Lithuania. International students who speak English fluently are exempt from submitting their test results.

IELTS Requirement for Admission in Lithuania: Lithuanian universities also accept optional IELTS substitute examinations for admission. IELTS is therefore theoretically not a prerequisite for admission to Lithuanian universities. The TOEFL, PET, CAEL, and other IELTS substitute certificates are recognized in Lithuania.

Scholarships in Lithuania with full funding

The cost of living is lower in Lithuania, and the higher education system is more affordable. The best aspect is that Lithuania generously awards scholarships to deserving students with shaky finances in order to assist them in building their futures at the lowest feasible cost. These awards are listed below:

1. Scholarships at Kaunas University of Technology:

The top-ranked university in Lithuania is the Kaunas University of Technology, which is situated in Kaunas. Both undergraduate and graduate scholarships are available from this institution. The most assiduous and clever students will receive this grant.

Although this award is fully supported, certain other scholarships also offer some students a portion of their support. The fully-funded scholarships cover all costs, including tuition, housing, and stipends each month.

2. Scholarships at Vilnius University:

The largest university in Lithuania, Vilnius University, offers scholarships for postgraduate study, and the program covers all subject areas. This institute provides courses in English and Russian. The benefit of a complete tuition fee waiver will be available to scholarship recipients.

The candidate must be a foreign student from a country other than the European Union or the European Economic Area. The applicant must also not be associated in any way with any other scholarship program.

3. Scholarships from Vytautas Magnus University:

The Vytautas Magnus University offers master’s and undergraduate scholarships. However, these scholarships only cover the cost of a portion of the tuition expenses; they are not entirely supported. The eligible courses are instructed in English.

Candidates are not required to submit their English exam results. The institution will provide tests for the pupils to demonstrate their proficiency in speaking and understanding English. These evaluations will take the shape of interviews.

4. Scholarships Given by the Lithuanian Government:

For Lithuanian higher education institutions, this scholarship scheme is available. There are a total of 70 awards available, only for students from other countries. This scholarship is available to students who have been accepted and are currently enrolled in a master’s program at one of Lithuania’s universities. The recipient of this scholarship program receives a 380 EUR monthly stipend.

The final benefit of full expense reimbursement will be made available to students from Ukraine, Belarus, and Georgia, but only if they are enrolled in one of the following fields: technological sciences, design, creative arts, biological sciences, or physical sciences.

The applicants must be native speakers of the language used as the course’s medium of instruction.

5. Scholarships from the Lithuania Foundation:

Exclusively students from Lithuania and the United States may apply for this Lithuanian foundation scholarship program, which is available at the undergraduate and graduate levels and only for the following topic selections.

  • Linguistics
  • Literature of Folklore Lithuanian History
  • Through its own students and students from the USA, this scholarship program aims to support and promote Lithuania’s rich cultural history. The winners will get a 5,000 USD stipend each year.

So, good luck with your upcoming major scholarship application submission for an overseas position. Please let us know if you are successful.

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