Canada will award diplomas without IELTS in 2023–2024 Apply Today!

Canada will award diplomas without IELTS in 2023–2024 Apply Today!: Without taking the IELTS test, submit an application for admission to Canadian Diploma Colleges for Diploma Course Programs (Canadian-DAE) in 2023. Prestigious Canadian universities provide a wide range of Short-term and Advanced Diploma programmes that are open to international students without IELTS requirements. All you have to do is look for a diploma program that suits you and submit your application before the deadline.

Indeed, one of the top destinations for higher study and travel among international students is Canada. But when it comes to the educational sector, this nation is moving forward very quickly. Canada has incredible options for motivated international students, ranging from fully financed scholarships to diploma programs without the IELTS.

A diploma degree from any reputed college in Canada is a wonderful choice if you want to accomplish your goals and enter the professional race in a short amount of time.

What Does the Diploma Course Mean?

A diploma is a brief or lengthy course that is provided by a college or other organization and helps students succeed in a particular subject in a short amount of time at a reasonable price. It is largely concerned with instruction and the practical application of items and activities pertinent to the study field.

Benefits of Taking a Canadian Diploma Course:

It is an open secret that today’s students prefer to choose Canadian diploma courses over time-consuming degree programs. These diploma programs are not only more affordable but also less time-consuming.

On the other hand, candidates gain all of the fundamental skills and strategies necessary for success in the professional world during the course program. While pursuing their credentials, students can also work part-time jobs and find well-paying jobs in Canada immediately thereafter.

The exemption from the IELTS for holders of Canadian diplomas is another noteworthy aspect. Yes, what you just heard is true. Numerous prestigious Canadian universities have offered a variety of diploma programs without requiring IELTS exam results.

Alternative IELTS Tests Accepted in Canada for Diploma Applications:

There is a comprehensive list of similar exams that one can take in place of the IELTS to be admitted to the prestigious Canadian Colleges and Universities’ diploma programs. It typically depends on the college the student is attending to finish a diploma course.

IELTS substitutes that are accepted include the PTE, TOEFL iBT/ CBT/ PBT, Duolingo, CAEL, CPE, CAE, and others. International students who attended an English-medium school through grade 12 do not need to submit their IELTS results, however.

Five different types of diploma programs are available in Canada, as was previously mentioned. For illustration;

1. Regular Undergraduate Diploma:

After finishing high school or intermediate education, students can obtain the Undergraduate Diploma in a minimum of two years. Undergraduate degrees are available in engineering, hospitality & business management, information technology, pharmacy technician, filmmaking, etc.

2. Advanced Diploma

The Advanced Diploma is more focused on a certain area of study that takes six semesters or three years to finish the entire program. The students’ resumes will be greatly enhanced by earning this credential because it emphasizes practical methods.

3. A postgraduate degree

Students may choose to pursue the Postgraduate Diploma after earning a Bachelor’s degree or an Advanced Diploma. It is divided further into two;

4. Graduate Diploma with One Year:

This diploma takes two to three semesters to complete and costs roughly 10,000 to 15,000 CAD. The advantage of earning a one-year graduate diploma is the better chances you have of finding employment in the field you want.

Five-Year Graduate Degree:

A two-year graduate diploma takes four to six semesters to complete, and it costs between CAD 13,000 to 17,000 to do so. The benefits of enrolling in such a credential include a three-year work-stay-back opportunity in Canada.

Documents Required for Admission to Canadian Diploma Program:
In general, the qualifications and documentation needs differ from college to college. But the following conditions are necessary for each diploma course:

  • A Bachelor’s degree to be admitted to the corresponding Postgraduate Diploma program.
  • Certificates of English language proficiency. For most diploma programmes, IELTS is not required and is even waived for international students.
  • A high school diploma is required to choose an undergraduate degree.
  • some of the Business & Management courses require two years of professional experience.
  • GRE, GMAT, SAT, and ACT scores are required for degrees in business, human resources, and management.
  • Birth certificate funding proof, a current passport, and parental consent.
  • A transcript of grades
  • Immigration Paperwork
  • Character Reference Letters
  • Colleges in Canada That Issue Canadian Study Permits and Offer Diploma Programs
  • There are many Canadian colleges and institutions that offer diploma programs to international students.

Here are some well-known Canadian colleges with diploma options:

  • (BCIT) Canadian Institute of Technology in Vancouver Humber College Centennial College
  • Cambrian College and Durham College
  • Niagara College Seneca College
  • Thompson Rivers College
  • McGill College
  • The Rockies’ Canadian College of Technology and Business
  • Colleges Conestoga and Algonquin
  • George Brown University
  • Fanshawe University (SAIT) Technology Institute of Southern Alberta
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) Toronto School of Management

List of Canadian diploma programs that don’t require IELTS:

As previously mentioned, Canada is at the top of the list for providing undergraduate, postgraduate, and advanced diploma programs in a variety of subjects. The following is a list of some of the most well-known diploma programs provided by Canadian colleges;

1. Canadian Business Administration Diploma

An online or on-campus Diploma in Business Administration is available from the well-known Canadian College of Technology & Business. This degree program lasts 52–73 weeks and costs $13,000 for applicants from outside the country and $06,000 from within it. The CCTB EAP Level 4 is also acceptable; IELTS is not required.

2. Diploma in Canadian Film Production:

The famous Film Production Diploma has been made available by the Toronto Film School to all interested students who have a love of the arts and entertainment and who hope to become successful and innovative filmmakers in the future. $500 is required for the application and the program lasts for 18 months. The Film Production Diploma does not require IELTS.

3. Canadian Undergraduate Diploma in Computer Programming

Computer nerds have a fantastic opportunity to flourish in software creation, research, and community projects by choosing Niagara College’s Undergraduate Diploma in Computer Programming program in Canada. It is a two-year program with an application fee of $100.00 CAD. IELTS is not required, once again. Student testing options include DET, CAE, CPE, B2 First, FCE, TOEFL, PTE, and EAP.

4. Undergraduate Business Diploma in Canada:

Canada’s Niagara College offers a two-year diploma program in undergraduate business. These degrees give students the chance to develop their entrepreneurial talents and learn how to succeed and endure in the competitive business environment. For the Undergraduate Diploma in Business, TLG UPP Level 5 or its equivalent can be used to demonstrate language competency instead of IELTS. However, the annual tuition charge is $16,224.20.

5. diploma in cooperative tourism and hospitality management in Canada:

Here is an opportunity for you if you wish to pursue a career in travel and hospitality. Go ahead and enroll in the one-year Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management Co-op program, which focuses on the most recent advancements and innovations in the aforementioned industries and improves communication abilities and customer service. This program has a 66-week duration and a 12,495 CAD application fee. It is recommended to submit TSoM EAP Level 4 or TSoM English Assessment (written) scores for the language requirements.

6. Diploma in Acting for Film, TV, and Theater in Canada:

Students participating in the Undergraduate Diploma in Acting for Film, TV, and Theater will use the well-known Stanislavski Method to study about acting, voice, movement, expressions, producing and directing, among other things. It combines techniques from theatrical and film and television acting. IELTS test results are not required to be submitted. However, applicants for the two-year diploma program will need to pay $500 in application costs.

7. Canadian Postgraduate Certificate in Human Resources Management:

The eight-month certified Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources Management program is offered. It assists the students in honing their communication, operational management, and critical thinking abilities. However, both academic and practical perspectives on human resources will be taught to students. The cost of the application is 90.00 CAD. The Human Resource Management Diploma accepts the TOEFL iBT, TOEFL PBT, DET, and PTE exams.

8. Diploma in Video Game Development in Canada:

Enroll in this 18-month short diploma program in video game design and development if you love video games and want to work as a game developer. You will be able to work your way up from the first step of conceptual learning to the end of the game creation process. A $100 application fee is required of all applicants. Candidates for the Video Game Design and Development Diploma can take the ESL Pathway Program or the Oxford Online Placement Test.

9. Diploma in Early Childhood Education in Canada:

The Early Childhood Education Diploma offers those who love children the chance to research, interact with, and learn more about young children and child care. On the other side, through creative activities and approaches, students will also engage in interaction and collaboration with the families and community of the students. If you want to complete the program at Seneca College, it is a two-year course with a $3,183 tuition cost. For the Early Childhood Education Diploma, IELTS is not necessary.

10. Canadian diploma in fashion marketing and management:

The 60-week Diploma in Fashion Marketing and Management program at Fanshawe College instructs students about the retail sector’s operations. Candidates who enroll will learn and practice a variety of skills through online storefronts, including sales, marketing, purchasing, and inventory management. Scores from the TOEFL iBT, PTE, CAEL, Cambridge English Test, and ELE are acceptable for meeting the language requirements. For domestic students, the total cost of this program is $8,500, while international students pay $31,993.

Scholarships for Canadian Diplomas

Numerous scholarships are available for diploma students from the Canadian government and Canadian colleges as well. To learn more about all academic grants for your upcoming diploma degree, feel free to browse our post about Canadian scholarships.

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